7 May, 2011

8 Steps that will Help You Become an Event Planning Pro- Step #2 Budget

Step # 2 Itemized Budget

Break your event down into individual expenditures. Add it up. Can you easily cover the cost with your budget? Should you solicit sponsors? Can you find a few ways to save $ for your church or organization? Should any part of the vision for the event  be eliminated or tweaked  to improve the bottom line? Once you have completed this budget step, move on to Step #3.


Item                                               Cost $

Building Rental

Guest Speaker Fee

Music/ Band

Lighting/ Sound



Tee Shirt Design

(or uniform?)

Cost Per Shirt

Printing Fees

Video/Media + Editing



Food Service

Plates, Cups, Silverware

Table Cov/ Centerpiece


Games/ Bounce Houses, etc

Post-event party for Volunteers?

Guest/ Volunteer Follow-up



So, what do you think?