9 May, 2011

8 Steps that will Help You Become an Event Planning Pro- Step #3 See it

Can you see it?

The 3rd step to event planning is to visualize what your target audience will experience from start (the moment they hear about your event) to finish (the minute they go home after attending your event).

Ask yourself the following questions:


How should guests find out about this event? Where will they hear about it? How many times will the average person in your audience hear about it?


Will your event be clearly communicated on your church’s website? How will guests get to your church’s website? What they will see on your website? Is it difficult to find info about your event?


What will they see, smell, hear, or experience from the moment they pull into the parking lot?

If possible, physically walk through the entire process. Greeting. Registration. Traffic Flow- Do you have adequate parking? How can you help this? Inside: Where should people walk? Stand? Sit? How many people need to do through the same doorway/ stairway, etc at a time?  Do you need to hand out a map or service order to help people navigate the event? Where should signs be posted? Should someone be stationed at the main entrance to say good-bye? If someone has a question during your event, who will they ask? How will they know to ask that person?

Write it all down. Make a note of anything that could potentially confuse or frustrate a guest.  Make changes to your event plan based on your notes.

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How/ When will your guest hear from you again?

Write down a list of every single place you could use a volunteer to help make this event a success.

You will use this list for Step #4.


So, what do you think?