10 May, 2011

8 Steps that will Help You Become an Event Planning Pro- Step #6 “Places Everyone!”

“Places everyone! And… action!”

  • Time to get everyone in place.
  • Set up tables, signs, etc as early as possible.
  • Create a master event order and give everyone a copy.
  • Have everyone in place 20-30 minutes before the guests arrive. This means all info meetings, team prayer, last minute set-up details, etc should be completely DONE. With only 20-30 min left, everyone should be ready with anticipation, relaxed. Clear-eyed with smiles!
  • Enjoy this! You’ve worked hard for this moment.

You might think that this should be the last step. But there are 2 post-event steps that will top it all off!

So, what do you think?