6 May, 2011

Party Time!

My 4-year old is turning 5 this week! She’s been dreaming about her birthday party all year. Birthdays are very important to kids. And they can quickly spin out of control to the point that they lose their meaning.

As a parent, I want to make this day special and memorable for her without going so crazy with details, games, goody bags, and spending money that the entire day becomes more about her party than celebrating her life and the gift that she is to our family.

This year, she asked if she could have a “Fashion Fairy Princess Party”.  This will be so much fun and there are  many possibilities  for how we can make this day great.  Last year, my husband and I established a few guidelines to help us as we plan birthday parties.

  1. Party  at home if possible.
  2. Invite only 5-6 friends. It’s difficult to enjoy friends if you invite too many.
  3. Pick a budget and stick to it. We usually try to stay under $100.
  4. Don’t over-schedule. For a 2 hour party, there’s enough time to: Play a short game and Make a Craft.  Eat Cake. Open Presents. Play.
  5. Don’t over-stress. Remember what really matters. Have fun!


So, what do you think?