3 Jun, 2011

Kidmin Leadership- Order your copy today!

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What happens when you combine:
• A mentor and coach who for more than thirty-five years has successfully trained hundreds of thousands of local churches’ children’s and youth leaders;
• Twelve kidmin leaders from various denominational backgrounds, a range of leadership levels, and a variety of life expe¬riences;
• Two years of an intense iron-sharpening-iron program which included more than twenty mentoring phone calls, four retreats, and countless hours on a private forum at cmconnect.org?
That’s simple—this book!

Kidmin Leadership focuses on the top-twenty principles all leaders need to know. This book compiles the experiences of a select group of kidmin ministers who have dedicated a substantial amount of time to being mentored by renowned kidmin minister and leadership coach Jim Wideman. Topics include: knowing God’s will, self-leadership, priorities, thinking in steps, how to do what you don’t want to do, visioneering, team building, caring for others, and much, much more. Kidmin Leadership brings together more than a dozen voices who all write from the same heart. It’s a leadership resource you don’t want to do ministry without.”

I had the privilege of being a part of this project. I have so much respect for all of the co-authors. It’s choc-full of practical insights about kids ministry from people who are in the trenches of ministry. It’ll encourage and equip you to minister to kids and families!

You can find it here.

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