12 Jul, 2011

Christmas in July- Stocking Up.

Christmas in July

There’s still 8 weeks left before school starts here in MN, but the school supplies are already out. As soon as the 4th of July is over, “Back-to-School” begins.

Something else that tends to happen in stores in July. Toys. Go. On. Clearance. Stores are making room for the new fad items for Christmas, but there are some great things out there- especially classics like craft kits, legos, etc. that you can find for really affordable prices.

It’s a great time to stock up on birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, prizes and fun little add-ins for ministries you know that you will contribute to like “Operation Christmas Child”. Gradually, throughout the month, toys will be offered at even deeper discounts. Strolling through the toy section at Target today, I found a ton of “Littlest Pet Shop” sets for right around $2.70 each. Next week, they’ll probably be even cheaper.

You can find some great deals online at Toys R Us, Target and Walmart, but the stock/ prices may vary from what you find on the shelves.

When I find great deals on toys, I store them in a Rubbermaid container and use it as a”Mommy Store” for my daughters. When they get invited to a birthday party, they get to shop at the “Mommy Store” to pick out just the right thing. I also use the “Mommy Store” as a reward for our chore system. More about that tomorrow.

Until then, happy “deal-finding”!



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