12 Jul, 2011

Top 10 Reasons We’re Using Tru(Story) for 2011-2012 for K-5

This year, I am excited to use this curriculum for kids grades K-5 at Oak Hills Church this Fall.

Here are 10 things that I am looking forward to:

1. It is geared for Large Group/ Small Group setup. We already do this, so it’s a great fit.

2. Each Bible Story emphasizes God as the main character.

3.  It helps leaders to create space immediately after the Large Group teaching so that kids can respond to the Holy Spirit. It’s different than an “altar call”. Kids can visit various worship stations such as a prayer wall/ journal station, a giving station, etc. It’s a hands-on, practical way to respond to the message.

4. Tru(Story) covers the “The Big God Story” in one year, stretching from Genesis to Revelation chronologically to help kids understand scripture as more than just a collection of short stories. God’s redemptive plan is woven throughout.

5. Tru provides really great online training for leaders that have signed up for a free trial and for the curriculum.

6. It has GREAT parent tools. The “HomeFront Weekly” take-home sheet actually helps parents to introduce next week’s lesson to their children.  So, rather than just following up with what we did on Sunday morning, the resource provides the opportunity for parents to be the “first teachers” at home. Also, the “HomeFront Monthy” FREE app for iphone and android phones is awesome!

7. Tru provides wonderful historical background/ context info for my leaders as well. It will be a great discipleship tool for my whole team.

8. They provide graphics,  sound fx, and worship music lyric videos that I can use to enhance Large Group.

9. The Small Group questions are meaningful and I only will have to purchase extra materials for small group if we choose to use the “create” portion of the small group curriculum.

10. Each month, a new home “environment” is emphasized and parents are given tools to help create this “environment” in their homes. An “environment” is simply a way that parents can create a “climate” in their home where children will experience biblical identity, love and respect, develop a heart to serve, experience godly course correction, step out of their comfort zone, become responsible, and to know, love and experience God’s grace.

If you’d like to know more about this curriculum, check it out here.


  • What are you transitioning from?

    • Hey Jonathan- We used 252Basics for 3 years. It was great, but we definitely needed to change it up.

  • Do you use TruWonder or something different for your Early Childhood group?

    • Hi Jen!
      We are using First Look for Early Childhood (rethink group). I’m open to using TruWonder in the future though.

So, what do you think?