29 Sep, 2011

Fan mail. Who do our kids look up to?

“Dear Bethany, Can we be pen pals? I am your #1 fan.”

My 8-year old daughter wrote a letter to one of her heroes earlier this week. She is completely inspired right now by Bethany Hamilton.

She loved the movie Soul Surfer (Warning for parents of young kids, there are a few minutes of the movie that show the shark attack scene. I feel that it is tastefully done and did not give my daughter bad dreams, but you may want to skip this scene if your child is sensitive to medical emergencies/ blood.)

Bethany is a great role model. She’s a brave young girl that overcame a traumatic shark attack, but never gave up on her love for surfing. With one arm, she continues to surf professionally. Her message for people of all ages is… “God has a plan for your life”. This has really resonated with my daughter.

My husband and I have told Clara since she was a little baby that God has a wonderful plan for her life, but there’s something neat about hearing it from someone else that she admires. It’s almost like she’s hearing it for the first time. She is really taking it to heart.

What I’m finding is that there are lots of ways to widen our circle of influence. We want to continue to put people in the lives of our children that echo the same things that we are teaching our kids. One of the ways that we intentionally do this is by partnering with the local church. Our daughters have wonderful teachers and small group leaders that invest in them on a weekly basis. Another way we can widen our circle of influence is to introduce our kids to people that they may not get to know personally, but they can still look up to. People who love Jesus. People work hard and who are good at what they do. We can expose them to music and art that glorifies God- reflecting His presence and character.

So, who do your kids look up to? Who do they admire? How does their role model reflect God’s character? I’d love to hear how you are widening your circle of influence with your kids.

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  • Jen – We rented the movie because Clara told me how great it was. We agree that it was great! Please thank Clara for me for suggesting it. :-)

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