11 Sep, 2011

What I’m Reading this Week…

I think this book, written by Christine Caine,  is a “must read” for all women- especially for women in ministry. I read it a year ago and am going through it again.

I’m a Christ-follower, wife, homeschooling mom, minister to children and families, daughter, and friend. Life is busy. I think it’s difficult to  juggle the demands of life. Take a look at this excerpt from the book:

      We get up one hour earlier to exercise, another hour earlier to get the kids ready and packed for school and yet another hour before that to pray. We are consummate organizers, jugglers and problem solvers as we manage husbands, children, church commitments, friendships, finances, groceries, mealtimes, child taxi service, quiet time with God and whatever else is in the agenda. 
      Then, we go to bed one hour later to ensure the house is tidy, or another hour later to have time with our husband. It almost gets to the point where we should forego sleep altogether because the moment our head hits the pillow, it’s time to rise and shine. -Christine Caine

I can completely relate to the “foregoing sleep altogether” stuff. I’ve noticed that when my days are the fullest, sleep is one of the #1 things to go. God has been dealing with me about this. I feel like recently, He spoke this to my heart. “Jen, I created a 24 hour day for a reason. I am God. You are not. Stop acting like you are not bound by the limits of time. I have good plans for you. You need to be fully awake for them.”

Over the next few days, I’m going to post some of my favorite thoughts from this book.  You might want to consider picking up a copy of the book for yourself. (Quick tip- I purchased my copy from Chris’ website, but it took a while for the book to arrive since it was being shipped from Australia. Hopefully you can get your copy faster through Amazon. )

Happy reading!


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  • I’m gonna have to get that, luv her! I still haven’t had the chance to watch the video you posted on cmconnect. Thanks for sharing!

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