19 Feb, 2012

Sweet Paper Dolls Project

This is a fun project that only takes a couple of hours. Makes a great gift!

My girls love to play with paper dolls, but I noticed that after a few uses, the doll clothes tend to rip easily. Also, my 2 year old has a difficult time with folding the little tabs over the doll’s shoulders. So, I decided to try something to make them a little sturdier and easier for both young and older children to play with. I hope you enjoy this project too.

The most important thing you will need for this project are these adorable FREE printable paper dolls.

You will also need:

  • I printed the dolls (colored ink) on card stock and the dresses on white copy paper. To save time and to make the project a little easier, I decided not to include the doll hats.
  • Cut out the dolls and matching outfits.
  • Laminate the dolls and outfits with Scotch thermal laminating sheets. (Be sure to include the doll stand piece as well. This will help each doll to be sturdier.) I own this Scotch laminator. I use it all the time for homeschool and I love it. I ordered mine from Amazon, but have also seen them at Target. You could also have these laminated at a teacher supply store.
  • Cut each piece out again.
  • Place a small dot of the hook side of velcro (I used small, round, white dots). On the middle of the doll (belly).
  • Then, place the soft side of the velcro on top of the hook. This will make it easy for you to line up each dress. Carefully line up the dress to the corresponding doll. Press firmly on the velcro so that the soft side sticks to the back of the doll’s dress.


Voila! They’re ready to play with! Easy to wipe off. Easy to switch outfits.



Simply adorable, and very affordable!

I’d love to hear if you decide to try out this project. Enjoy!


  • what paper weight did you used for the ginghams dolls. I have tried 110 lb card stock but the dolls fall down.

    thank you

    • Hi Maria-
      I can’t remember exactly how thick the card stock was. It was just regular card stock I had on hand- nothing special. I laminated mine- including the little stands and it helped a lot. I think you also have to be careful about where you place the velcro. I found that it worked best right at “belly button” level.

      Hope it helps!

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