11 Apr, 2012

Egg Surprise (free Easter service plan)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

I just thought I’d take a minute to share what we did in our elementary Easter service on Sunday. Many of you are probably familiar with Resurrection Eggs. You can purchase them or even make your own.

I like this idea of using simple props to clearly explain the story of Christ’s death and resurrection, but needed to make it work for a larger stage. We needed to ensure that kids would be able to see all of the props from far away. It was also very important that the script would flow well in order to keep their attention.

Here’s what we came up with. Maybe this is an idea for your church or Sunday School Class for next year?

For Large Group

1. We decorated our stage with in a 50’s diner theme. These decorations are from Stumps Party.

2. We purchased 4 sets of Jumbo Nesting Eggs (3 eggs per pack) by Creatology from  Michaels. Each egg was 8″- 12″ (They were about $20 per set, but we used coupons to get these for much less. They also may be on clearance right now, so it could be a good time to snag some).

Place one of these props in each egg. Number the eggs as described in the script.

  • Bag of 30 silver coins
  • small loaf of bread (like a hoagie roll), paper cup (like small coffee cup)
  • Large feather (craft store)
  • whip- ours was from an Indiana Jones costume
  • large purple cloth or purple bible costume robe
  • small grapevine wreath with toothpicks sticking out of it for crown of thorns, wooden cross (app. 6”+)
  • nail or tent stake 6” long
  • white fabric
  • large stone (we used foam- painted grey)
  • small box or bag of spices
  • empty egg

3. Here is the Easter Diner skit script.

For Small Group

We wanted the kids to have a hands-on tool to help them share the gospel with their friends and family, so each child took home a smaller version of what we did on stage.

We ordered our egg cartons online.

Our Easter service is shorter than usual (50 min total), so we had the kids line up cafeteria-style and walk through a line to fill their eggs. We labeled/ numbered the bowls filled with items on the tables with these Ressurection Eggs Diner Table Labels (print on card stock).

To save time, we pre-filled the egg cartons with colorful plastic Easter eggs and pre-numbered them 1-12. We passed the egg cartons out while the kids stood in line and had them open them before they reached the tables where they filled the eggs.

This is what they put inside eggs 1-6 (1. nickel, 2. cracker, 3. feather, 4. small suede string, 5. purple ribbon, 6. thorn)

Eggs 7-12 (7. cross, 8. “nail” (we used an axel peg b/c we gave this set to younger elementary kids as well, but you may want to use a real nail), 9. white cloth, 10.rock, 11. spices (cloves), 12. empty

We gave each child these Resurrection eggs descriptions to help them remember what each object represents.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from both parents and kids about these kits. One family recorded their daughter re-telling the story and posted it on Facebook. This is a great idea! Perhaps you can pass on this idea to parents along with the kits? Post their child’s gospel presentation to Facebook or email to family and friends.

What a great way to share the gospel!





So, what do you think?