27 Jun, 2013

First Class (Belize Mission Trip Part 2)

On the way to Belize, our team had a connecting flight in Dallas.

For flight #2, Jeremy sat toward the back of the plane next to Clara. Avery and I were placed in the 1st row of the coach section. You know, it’s the row with lots of leg room, but no storage space on the floor.

This is the row positioned directly behind the First Class passengers.

When we reached cruising altitude, the American Airlines flight attendant closed the curtain that divides the First Class from Coach. I’m not really sure why they bother to close the curtain. After all, there are tiny holes that allow you to completely see everything happening on the other side.

Avery’s eyes lit up when she noticed that the flight attendant was bringing salads to the first class passengers and taking special beverage and lunch orders. She patted my hand excitedly. “Mommy! They’re bringing us a special lunch! I can’t wait to see what it is! It smells so good.”

I looked down at her sweet brown eyes and gently explained, “Oh honey, you see, those people are sitting in First Class, so they get some special privileges like a full meal, more beverages, and the customer service is a little more personalized.”

Avery looked confused. Searching for words, she whispered, “You mean, they get all of those special things just because they are sitting on the other side of the curtain? No fair!”

I tried to explain that their tickets cost a little more and some of the people across the curtain travel a lot, so they might have different flight benefits.

I could tell that her 7-year-old mind was so busy thinking that she wasn’t really listening to my explanation. She was trying to figure out how in the world in this could be a fair situation.

Avery was quiet for a few moments. She looked down and shuffled her feet around on the floor, disappointed. Slowly, she looked back up at me and motioned for me to come closer. I leaned in. Cupping her hands around my ear she whispered,

“Do you think that the friends we’re going to meet in Belize feel like we’re First Class? Like we get nice stuff like food because we’re in front of the curtain?”

My heart sank. “Maybe.” I replied.

I was stunned by wise words coming from the mouth of my 1st grader. God was indeed preparing our hearts for what we were about to experience when are feet hit the ground in Belize.

We waited in silence for a few moments watching the first class passengers and the flight attendants scurrying around. We sat there, keenly aware of the fact that there’s only one reason we have been so blessed with a “First Class”  life  filled with everything we could possibly need- food, clothes, clean water, a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood, and easy access to education and every opportunity to excel. It’s only because we were born on the First Class side of the curtain.

God has positioned us in this place- at this time in history. He has placed us here with a responsibility to speak up for and to serve those on the other side of the curtain.

With increased blessing comes increased responsibility.

By the time the plane landed, our hearts were full and our hands were ready to serve.




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  • Wow. That is one hard-thinking gal!
    I’ve often wrestled with this myself, knowing I am in a privileged position and wanting to feel guilty about it instead of taking responsibility and doing what I can to make other’s lives better. I need to be reminded more often of why God has placed me where I am and that His plan for my life has nothing to do with me and everything to do with His glory.

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